Carlos Valiente went down in history at the Fígaro Awards 2022

The director of the Valencian firm Salones Carlos Valiente has been the first to repeat victory in the most prestigious category of the Fígaro Awards: Spanish Hairdresser of the Year. The first time was in 2018 and in 2022 he achieved the great feat thanks to the 'Sombras' collection, with feminine commercial proposals in which colour and textures stand out.

How do you create a collection for the Fígaro Awards and what is your creative process?

I think that when you create a collection it is very important to bear in mind what you are doing it for. ​ Although in my case, I try to transmit something to the people who are going to see it, regardless of the categories or competitions. Then, in the process, I like to work with people I trust to help me reach the goal I want to achieve.

Could you share your experience of the backstage atmosphere and the Fígaro Catwalk?

The backstage at Fígaro is very nice. There is a lot of team spirit among the participants, and it is a lot of fun. However, it is inevitable to have those nerves and adrenaline of such important awards.

How do you feel when you finally see your work on the catwalk?

For me, it is the end of the year, where all the effort is embodied and I see the reward on the catwalk. I feel proud of what I have achieved.

What does winning a Fígaro Award mean to you as a professional?

I always say that, for me, they are the awards that changed my professional life and they are the most important of my career, because thanks to them I had the opportunity to make myself known.

What would you highlight about your winning collection?

The feeling. Shadows' is what you can't see and is hidden inside. Above all, the play of light in the photography. Esteban Roca outdid himself.

In your opinion, how do the Fígaro Awards help to give prestige to the profession?

They help us to give repercussion to our work, to place it on the stage it deserves and give us a voice as creatives. I think they have also helped Spanish hairdressing to be on a par with many other countries that we have always had as a reference point.

What advice would you give to other colleagues who also want to succeed in the Fígaro Awards?

Simply that they should enjoy it and take advantage of it to make themselves known. It is a great opportunity.

There is a significant part of the industry that does not explore the more artistic aspect of the profession. What does it bring to you, and why do you think it is important?

It helps me to improve every year, to better myself and to have goals. I think it's an evolution. It is very important.



The Club

The objective pursued by Club FÍGARO is recognition, both professionally and socially; thus raising our profession to the category of excellence, just as sectors such as fashion or gastronomy did at the time. Our mission is aimed at making our work known, admired and respected, both in the national and international territory, thus consolidating an increasingly cosmopolitan and powerful industry.

The Contest

The Spanish Hairdressing Awards, also called Fígaro Awards, value the photographic works of the hairdressing creations of the participating firms, to reward the most outstanding creative hairdressers in the country. They consist of five categories and were established in 2009 to give notoriety and visibility to the artistic work of Spanish hairdressers. The basic objective pursued by Club Fígaro with the creation of these awards is the social and professional recognition of hairdressing in Spain to consolidate an industry that is increasingly cosmopolitan and powerful.

Participating hairdressers register online to participate and upload their photographic collections to the Club Fígaro website. Afterward, the professional jury, made up of prominent personalities from national and international hairdressing and which changes every year, individually and independently votes the collections submitted anonymously, so impartiality is guaranteed.

Club Fígaro has the support of its main sponsor Revlon Professional, Salón Look IFEMA MADRID, a leading trade fair event, as official partner and The Hair MBA, as collaborator. Finally, Club Fígaro has the support of the main professional beauty magazines and portals in Spain.

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About Club Fígaro

Club Fígaro is a non-profit associative project created in 2009 by an outstanding group of Spanish hairdressing professionals. The main objective pursued by Club Fígaro is the social recognition of the profession, and this is articulated with the creation of the Spanish Hairdressing Awards, which have been held since 2010 and value the photographic works of hairdressing trends from the main Spanish firms. The transparency and prestige of the Awards is guaranteed by the appointment of an external jury, made up of five prominent names in international hairdressing, who vote individually and independently on the collections presented anonymously. The winners of the different categories of the Awards are announced during the Figaro Catwalk, an event that has already become the great annual event for Spanish hairdressers. 

Club Fígaro has the support of its main sponsor Revlon ProfessionalSalón Look IFEMA MADRID, a leading trade fair event, as an official partner and MDB Education, as a collaborator. Finally, Club Fígaro has the support of the main professional beauty magazines and portals in Spain.


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